Public transport services have improved dramatically in the last three years, a result of increasing tourist demand and the growth of local business activity and construction in Mafia. There is everything available from motor-bike pillion lifts (bodaboda), three-wheelers (tuktuk), sedans, minibuses and 4×4 vehicles. If you reach Mafia and need transportation just ask at the airport (Rahim +255715364396 or Malulu 255789758808 ) and almost instantly someone will arrive. Rahim is also available at

An association has been established to operate as a cartel and control road transfer prices, which are relatively steep considering the ample competition, so bargain as hard as you can and use tuktuks which are fast and fun and very cheap (airport-Utende at USD 8, airport to Bweni USD 30) but NOT comfortable.

Most hotels and lodges in Mafia have their own vehicles to ensure reliable, quality service and publish standard charges for transfers with their accommodation rates. You can also arrange motor-bike and cycle hire through Rahim and Malulu at the airport.


The flight by plane takes only 45 minutes from Dar es Salaam and 1 hour from Zanzibar or the Selous.

Mafia has daily scheduled air services with same-day connections to the Ruaha, Selous, Arusha, Pemba and Zanzibar; all flights can be booked direct or through Kinasi, which can make flight arrangements and invoice you as part of the overall bill.

Coastal Aviation flies every day at 1500 hrs with a direct connection on its aircraft from Arusha via Zanzibar and the Selous. Prices (inclusive of current fuel surcharge) are:

  •  DSM-MAF US$ 115 per person one way
  • ZNZ-MAF US$ 155 per person one way
  • SEL-MAF US$ 205 per person one way
  • ARU-MAF US$ 345 per person one way

Tropical Air operates the morning schedule to Mafia leaving Dar es Salaam at 1000 with a direct connection from Zanzibar at 0800. This is an excellent service for arrivals on British Airways. The seat price is US$ 112 one way. It has also reported it will commence an afternoon schedule.



Please note that for any domestic flight in Tanzania every passenger is required to pay Airport Service Charge of TShs 5,000 and Security Fees TShs 1,000 (approximately $ 5 total). Airport tax and Security Fees are not included in flight rates and they can change without prior notice. The international departure tax is US$ 30 and Safety Fee is $ 8 and are included in ticket prices ex-Dar es Salaam but NOT ex-Zanzibar where guests must be prepared to pay cash. Please note that all airlines strictly observe the 15 kg per pax limit on bags on internal flights in light aircraft and prefer soft or duffel bags not hard plastic or aluminium suitcases.


Scheduled small aircraft flights and charters limit baggage to 15 kgs per person. Please would you also take your luggage in soft bags rather than rigid suitcases; a soft-sided suitcase is fine but a bulky Samsonite or aluminium suitcase is not, as they are difficult to fit in small aircraft.


Internal flights in Tanzania are subject to a departure tax of around $6 per person. International flights carry a departure tax of $33 (25$ airport tax + 8$ safety fee) per person. This amount must be paid locally, preferably in USD, so please ensure you carry enough currency on you for these payments as the airport authorities do not accept credit cards and traveller’s cheques. Both Airport Taxes and Security Fees are subjected to change without prior notice..


We offer a personal ‘meet & greet’ and transfer service between terminals in Dar es Salaam and from hotels and Stone Town in Zanzibar (through our sister company Zanzibar Travel Services for your clients. Our rates are:

Meet international/domestic flight with transfers to/from Terminal I/II in Dar es Salaam International/Domestic airport at US$ 5 per person

Dar City Tour at US$ 40 per person (min 2 pax) for half-day (visits places of interest, the craft centres and hotel of choice for wash and refreshments)

Dar es Salaam city centre hotel transfer US$ 30 per vehicle; US$ 40 north of city and Msasani area

Zanzibar Airport-Stone Town US$ 15 per vehicle; City Tour  and Spice Tour from US$ 20 per person Kinasi can safely store in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar any extra baggage on behalf of guests while on safari or in Mafia.

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