Kiswahili otherwise known as Swahili is the ‘lingua franca’ of Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Uganda. English is very widely spoken in Tanzania, particulary in tourist centres, hotels, lodges and main cities


The indigenous people of the country are friendly and hospitable. They are rightly proud of their country, so be sensitive as you would be anywhere in your travels. In Swahili speaking countries, the traditional greeting is “Jambo” and the responce “Mzuri” (fine) – even if you are not! Unfortunately touris centres such as Zanzibar suffer a degree of hassle from “papassi”, the local word of hustlers so be firm and definite in saying “no thanks” as they can be awfully persistent an heavy one of the joys of Mafia, is that the dont exist on the Island. they don’t exist on the island.


You can obtain these on arrival for most nationalities; contact us if you are in doubt.


Tanzania’s currency is Tanzanian Shillings and Cents. You will be able to change foreign exchange at the airports, or at the many bureaus that exist (DO NOT CHANGE MONEY WITH HUSTLERS – these are scams to entrap you) and also at any other banks in the major towns. US Dollars are often favoured, and most excursions, tips, drinks and curios can be paid for in Dollars. We advise clients to take spending money in the form of US Dollars cash. Traveller’s cheques carry a service charge of at least 5%. Credit cards are also widely accepted but again subject to surcharge, as the commissions are high (eg VISA charges 5% in Tanzania).


The mains electricity supply is 240 volts, 50 cycles. We also recommend you carry a small flashlight. Kinasi also has adaptors if you need them.


On Safari – informal and casual dress is appropriate. Comfortable lightweight cotton clothing in subdued safari colours is practical. During the day, shorts or trousers are ideal, and the evenings may be chilly so light cardigans or sweaters are appropriate. For clients visiting the Ngorongoro Crater, please note that because of the altitude nights are very cold and so a thick sweater or fleece are advisable. Long sleeved shirts and trousers are also advisable in the evenings to lessen the chance of being bitten by mosquitoes. Many safari lodges have swimming pools, so bathing costumes should be taken. It is advisable to have a good pair of closed walking shoes / boots.

In the Cities We suggest that ladies do not wear shorts in the cities, particularly in the Muslim areas, where immodest dress is unacceptable. Neither jackets or ties are required when dining in hotels or out at restaurants.

In Mafia one-piece or bikini swimsuits are fine on the beach or around your hotel pool, but not appropriate in the villages or outside Kinasi. Topless sunbathing is not acceptable unless you are unable to be seen by staff or other visitors.

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