News from Mafia Island

Mafia Island, October 2010

Mafia Island, October 2010 Friends and Partners THE COMPLETE MAFIA EXPERIENCE WITH LUA CHEIA AND KINASI For years we have dreamed of having a location in the north and have owned land there for many years. In order to provide a complete Mafia experience (the…


Embracing Conservation at Kinasi Lodge

“Preserving and/or restoring the environment by utilizing natural resources, traditional systems and knowledge sustainably”. We think our guests and friends would like to know what we are doing to preserve the wonderful habitats and environment of Mafia Island Marine Park. We wish to reassure our…


Where did the name came from?

This is a question everyone asks, of course…. ! Our research suggests a number of possibilities for “Mafia” or “Maf’a” (pronounced maf ya) as it was probably more accurately spelt. The Portuguese maps of the coast of East Africa refer to “Monfia” or “Monfiya”; Others…