Scuba Diving and Snorkeling at it´s best with Blue World Diving at Kinasi Lodge

Mafia Island and its reefs are renown as an excellent, World-class diving destination. Scientists have confirmed that Mafia has some of the richest reefs in the World, with an unparalleled variety of hard and soft corals and diversity of tropical fish. We have identified fabulous dive sites from Mafia to Kilwa offering shallow reefs of immense beauty and richness, bommies, channels, walls and caves, drift and night dives. These are new sites and we have years of exploration to do.
KINASI LODGE – through its water sports department – Blue World – offers great diving for advanced and novice divers in safety under professional instruction. We take great snacks and picnic lunches aboard our dive boats and stay out for two-tank dives or, after diving, enjoy the rest of the day with a visit to other islands or historic and interesting sites. The snorkelling on the shallow reefs surrounding the many islands in and around Chole Bay is a great attraction for non-divers and divers alike.
Adventure dives (night, wall, reef and drift dives) are regular features of an active diving programme. For groups of up to twelve guests a cruise can be planned to take in the marvellous destinations of Ras Mkumbi, Forbes Bay, Kitutia Reef, Okuza and Nyuni Islands and the reef complex surrounding Songo Songo and Njovi islands. These safaris offer superb diving and snorkelling over exquisite coral gardens in excellent visibility, and have rarely been dived.

Trained diving assistants handle all equipment, help divers and check their equipment, so that you are free to enjoy the dives and all other activities during each day.


We use the best quality Scubapro and Mares equipment and Faber cylinders and employ rigid safety and maintenance standards. Equipment is well maintained and replaced regularly. We buddy divers carefully to ensure similar standards and interests and all diving is preceded by briefings and checks, to ensure maximum enjoyment.

The disturbance or removal of any form of marine life is prohibited and we use boat engines of low horsepower to minimise pollution, and sail the dhow whenever possible. We have been assisting marine research for over six years and hope that all our guests will benefit from the accumulated knowledge and the conservation programmes underway.


  • Daphne Sames

    Gold! you save my day 😉

  • Ray Hyde

    We will be stopping at Kinasi for one week from the the 10th November andhope to do some diving. Can you please send us a list of your diving charges and cost of kit hire. Wewould also like to know if we can for the cost of the diving by credit card.

    You have sent us this informaation earlier this year but unfortunatly our computer crashed and lost the info.

    Looking to meeting you all.


    Ray & Eve Hyde

  • Nicole

    I have never dived before but I have swam competitively for 12 years and I love the water. I plan to travel to Mafia Island during the last week in November. I am aware that Mafia Island is a fantastic place for scuba diving. However, I have not seen too much advertising for beginning lessons. Are scuba diving lessons available on the Island? If so, what sites do you recommend for a solo traveler on a budget?

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