Mafia Island

Mafia Island for the newbie

There are wonderful quiet and serene locations all over the world which are lesser known to the public. And yet out of all the wonderful places you can visit, it’s the unknown ones which probably ought to be experienced. Who needs Paris when you have a place of natural beauty to behold? Mafia Island is one of these places.

A hidden place of enchantment in the Indian Ocean, Mafia Island is a Tanzanian Island, alongside Pemba and Ungula. With a population as sparse as 50,000 inhabitants, the island is governed from the mainland, and has an economy based on fishing, the market in Kilindoni and subsistence agriculture. Why do tourists tend to visit Mafia Island? Well, sometimes they want to get away from their every day life and have a break from reality. When you visit Mafia Island, the last of your stress is left at the airport and then they are away for a few weeks of relaxation in a tranquil environment. Mafia Island is a once in a lifetime experience.

The great thing about visiting is, Mafia Island is so little known to much of the Western population, that the likelihood of someone else you know having been themselves is very low. It’s this lack of traffic to and from the island which has preserved its white sandy beaches, aquamarine waters and overall atmosphere. Instead of tarmac roads, hotels, shops and an intense night life, Mafia Island’s atmosphere is serene, almost like stepping into a new world when compared to the fast-paced mania of the mainland.

Mafia Island doesn’t aim to become the next best thing, and it’s hoped it’s beauty will long be preserved. For those who like to snorkel and dive, come along and experience the exquisite waters for yourself. Those looking for a party, there are many European islands which will suit your preferences.

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