The beautiful weather is back in Mafia Island…

This last week has brought the most wonderful light winter weather, as we know June at its best… is such a pity we don’t receive more guests at this time of the year as it is THE best time…cool, clear, light breezes and amazing visibility in the water.

Lara Payne and Andreas Linz join the Kinasi and Lua Cheia family 

Lara and Andreas (picture, sorry it is terrible) will be in Mafia tomorrow and take over the management of Kinasi Lodge. They have already visited and know Kinasi well. Lara is from Malawi, Andreas from South Africa.

Peter Byrne back to direct management and full day-to-day involvement

This year MD Peter Byrne will concentrate on upgrading, modernising and “re-inventing” Kinasi and Lua Cheia. Both properties will become five-star venues as a result.

He had had a four-year furlough during which he concentrated on large landscaping projects in Zanzibar (Melia, Serena Hotel, Essque Zalu, Bravo Resort, Azemar Gold, Nungwi Hideaway-picture) in the wake of the GFC. Zanzibar Flowers is our sister company that grows about 350,000 anthurium cut flowers and over 250,000 garden plants each year. There are still several landscaping projects ongoing in Zanzibar, but the 

Zanzibar Flowers team is now well trained and capable of doing a great deal of the garden installation without the designer around

And, as we have a new aircraft (a Rally Minerva) for management PB will be able to regularly travel between Mafia and Zanzibar. We are also going to bring the ZFL team to bear on Kinasi in June and July and revamp all gardens, while we have all our construction and earthmoving equipment in Mafia for the airport re-grassing project.ell trained and capable of doing a great deal of the garden installation without the designer around.

Peter is also the direct contact for marketing and pricing and liaison for mafia flights with Auric Air ( or and on Skype at peter.mafiaisland (please invite me).

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